PP isolation gown
Product Code:
HS Code:
Regular type
PP non woven
Product category
  • Disposable doctor cap

  • Mesh Molded Cup Disposable Respirator With Exhalation Valve

  • Wood pulp spunlace surgical gown

  • Cupped N95 respirator with valve

  • Cupped N95 respirator dust mask

  • Flat Flod N95 Disposable Respirator With Valve

  • 3 ply surgical face mask

  • 3 ply surgical procedure face mask

  • 3 ply green surgical face mask

  • 3 ply medical face mask

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  • Disposable surgical cap

  • Disposable blue bouffant cap

  • Disposable green bouffant cap

  • Disposable bouffant cap

  • Disposable mob cap for salons

  • Hot selling red mob cap

  • Hot selling disposable blue mob cap

  • Hot selling disposable mob cap

  • Disposable white mob cap

  • Disposable green mob cap

  • SMS coverall

  • Yellow SMS isolation gown

  • Isolation gown with OEM design

  • Blue SMS surgical gown

  • Disposable SMS surgical gown

  • Disposable surgical gown

  • Yellow microporous coverall

  • Orange microporous coverall

  • Over-taped microporous coverall

  • Microporous coverall

  • PP coverall


Name PP isolation gown
Product Code MT-DIG-01
HS Code 6210103000
Style Regular type
Material PP non woven
Color Blue
Size 115×137cm
Weight 30 g/m² PP
Application For medical use, especially for patients or visitors in hospital
Packing 10pc/bag, 100pcs/ctn
CTN Size 50×27×31cm


MORNTRIP® visitor/isolation gowns

These soft, non-woven disposable gowns offer a generous cut for maximum wearing comfort.
MORNTRIP® visitor gowns incorporate neck ties, a waist band and elastic cuffs at the wrist.

1. Raw material: 30g/m² PP

(PP/SMS is the most common used material, higher quality is also available.)  

2. Gown Details 

  • Collar: Incorporate neck ties (professional recommendation)

SMS isolation gown03.jpg  

  • Cuffs: Elastic cuffs (If necessary, knitted cuff is also available.) 

SMS isolation gown02.jpg


  •   Waist Band: Two waist band 

SMS isolation gown04.jpg

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