Product category
  • Disposable doctor cap

  • Mesh Molded Cup Disposable Respirator With Exhalation Valve

  • Wood pulp spunlace surgical gown

  • Cupped N95 respirator with valve

  • Cupped N95 respirator dust mask

  • Flat Flod N95 Disposable Respirator With Valve

  • 3 ply surgical face mask

  • 3 ply surgical procedure face mask

  • 3 ply green surgical face mask

  • 3 ply medical face mask

  • Plastic restaurant bib

  • Disposable surgical cap

  • Disposable blue bouffant cap

  • Disposable green bouffant cap

  • Disposable bouffant cap

  • Disposable mob cap for salons

  • Hot selling red mob cap

  • Hot selling disposable blue mob cap

  • Hot selling disposable mob cap

  • Disposable white mob cap

  • Disposable green mob cap

  • SMS coverall

  • Yellow SMS isolation gown

  • Isolation gown with OEM design

  • Blue SMS surgical gown

  • Disposable SMS surgical gown

  • Disposable surgical gown

  • Yellow microporous coverall

  • Orange microporous coverall

  • Over-taped microporous coverall

  • Microporous coverall

  • PP coverall


Wuhan Morntrip Trading Co.,Ltd. is an international trading office located in Wuhan city, "the Chicago of China". With the back up of an over 6000 square 

metre factory erected in Xiantao city, Morntrip have been doing really well on non woven items since 2014.

 At present, our main products including: Non-woven products, plastic products and PPE, which are widely used in the Industries of Medical Care, Hotel, 

Beauty, Food and Industrial Security. As follows,

Medical Care Industry: the most representative products are disposable coveralldisposable surgical gown, isolation gown, lab coat, face masks, respirator, 

under pad, disposable sheet, caps, etc.

Beauty, Hotel and Food Industries: representative products are face rest cover, chef hat and apron, sauna suit/kimono, underwear/pants, hotel PE shower 

cap, shoe cover, PP/Spunlace bed sheet, etc.

Our passionate and professional international trading teams will provide high quality service for you. Please feel free to contact with us at any time.